Ever wondered how window cleaners get windows and glass so shiny without any streaks?

Having owned and operated an office cleaning business in Orangeville and Guelph for the last 16 years, I’m going to teach you step by step how to get that professional squeaky clean.

The first thing you need are a window squeegee and wool window scrubber from your local big box store or local janitorial store.

You will also need an adjustable extension pole for those hard to reach windows, a window scraper that consists of a razor blade attached to a hand attachment for anything that may be stuck to the windows like silicone, dirt, etc., dish soap (I like Palmolive or Sunlight the best without any moisturizer), a bucket (preferably a rectangular shaped one that fits the scrubber) and hot water.

  1. Add a good squeeze of the soap to the bucket around a 1/4 of a cup and fill the bucket half way with hot water.
  2. Wet your wool scrubber and ring it out with your hands to get out the excess water
  3. Scrub the window or glass with your scrubber being sure to remove any dirt or silicon with your window scraper
  4. Then Squeegee the window starting in one corner and working your way down the window.  Wiping your squeegee with a clean, dry microfibre cloth in between strokes.  If you can so this in one go in a fan motion then your a pro!
  5. Carefully use your microfibre cloth to clean the edges of the window and any drips from pulling the soapy water down the window.
  6. Try to avoid going over the area you just cleaned to avoid streaks.

This may take several practice runs as window cleaning the professional way isn’t easy but when you get the hang of it it’s very satisfying!

Good Luck and happy window cleaning!