Before March of 2020 we always provided an extra service for flu season where we would sanitize an office to reduce the spread of germs in an office environment.  Now with the Covid 19 virus and all the variants that are arriving we have completely changed the way we clean.

Although vinegar is still used to clean we also follow up with a disinfectant/sanitizer that can be simply sprayed on almost all surfaces or on a clean cloth and then wiped.  We sanitize all commonly used surfaces that get touched most  by multiple people such as light switches, door handles, counter tops, sink faucets, photocopiers, cabinet handles, appliances and toilets.

This service does require a small additional charge but it’s well worth it if offices still have staff working there. I think moving forward this will become a common practice to prevent the spread of viruses and all workplaces can give their employees peace of mind that their office is a clean and sanitized work environment.